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Fitness Boot Camp

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Niki G's

Boot Camp Purpose:

To instill discipline into your life to exercise consistently and change your body for the better.

From Couch Potatoes to Marathon Runners, Niki G's Fitness Boot Camp welcomes ALL fitness levels. You will always be trained at YOUR fitness level to achieve the results your desire. Niki G

Lose Weight - Tone Up - Have More Energy!

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Niki G's Fitness Boot Camp is a group fitness training program for all fitness levels.

 Each class is designed to give you a FAT BLASTING, BODY SCULPTING workout in one hour and it never includes the same exercises and boring routines.

Whether you are just getting started or have been working out for years, Niki, will find a way to challenge YOU each and every workout.

Niki G's Fitness Boot Camp is a COMPLETE personal fitness program, not just an exercise class!

The Program Includes:
  • A month of Boot Camp Classes- See schedule for details
  • Online Fitness Tracking and Journal
  • Body Assessment every four weeks
  • Fitness Tests at the beginning of your Boot Camp
  • Ongoing Nutritional Education
  • Grocery Store Tips and information to teach you how to shop for weight loss and better health
  • Personal Coaching and Accountability from our Team of Trainers
  • Exclusive, Client-only Newsletters and Tips
  • Online Scheduling
  • Camp T-shirt
  • Use of Clean Towels, Mats and ANY Equipment Used in Class

Your Boot Camp Instructor will keep you motivated to stay consistent, eat well and work hard to see results. She will spend extra time making sure that you understand what you are doing while feeling comfortable and confident and with your own current skill level.  Contact Us with any questions you have about this program.

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What should I expect at Boot Camp?
Don't expect ANYTHING! Except of course only the best fat burning body sculpting exercise at each an every workout! Niki G's Boot Camps include a variety of exercises including walking to sprinting, lunging to jumping, yoga to pilates inspired moves, weight training to body weighted exercises and even playing with medicine balls!
We've made an art out of the science of exercise. By constantly keeping your body guessing you will be less likely to hit plateaus and get bored with your workout!

I am not in great shape, is this Boot Camp for me?
Absolutely, our small classes allow us to give you the attention you deserve and any modifications you need. We can work with anyone to improve their fitness level from couch potatoes to marathon runners. See our testimonials page for details!

How many days a week should I attend Boot Camp?
That depends on your fitness goals and whether or not you will exercise on your own. To make changing in your body, you will need to exercise most days of the week. It's best to train with a professional as many days a week as possible. See our schedule to find the days,  times and locations that work for you.

What do I need to bring?
Just a positive attitude and a water bottle! There is a water fountain at the studio if you need to refill. We provide clean mats, towels, and ANY equipment used during class. Just dress in comfortable clothes and a good pair of shoes!

Do I have to sign up for specific days and locations or can I just drop in?
We use a professional online scheduling system to schedule classes and manager your account. Once you are registered you may book any available classes online. If any classes or groups are sold out, our registration page will be updated so you will know in advance of purchasing your boot camp.

How Do I Register?
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